Ingredient Substitute List

Ingredient Substitute List

Source: via Valerie on Pinterest

I need to print this out and put it in my kitchen.

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Prayer Board / Wall


I have a whole section on my bedroom wall for this. Started doing this back when my husband got out of the military and life got so crazy.

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Grill Cheese

I tried this and enjoyed it.  I also did bread with a little butter, a slice of cheese, and egg with some shredded cheese and another piece of bread...really good.

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Transferring lettering and small drawings to wood


I love this….I have done this before but forgot all about it until tonight.   I have some wood that I want to turn into Christmas Gifts….so I will be using this to transfer some drawings and all to the wood.

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I’m Bored, Mom! Jar


I love this but my kids have almost gotten out of using those words….as we would tell them if you are so bored then we can find you something around the house to help clean up… their rooms that are always such a mess. They hate doing any type of cleaning so they now go out of their way to not say the “B” word. LOL

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Cinnamon ornaments


I made these a few years back and thinking about making some more this year. Christmas is about making memories with our kids and this is one way to make some really fun memories that your children and you will treasure for years to come. The ones you buy at the store are beautiful but a Christmas Tree should hold memories and stories that you can relive each year…God, family and friends are what Christmas should really be about.

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Lunch Room Rolls

 Sorry I posted the wrong recipe the other day.  This is the correct one.

I made these last night and they turned out pretty good. I put the left over dough in the refrigerator for tonight. I got to thinking how I hate how long it takes to make fresh bread and how I could mix it up before I need it and just set it in the refrigerator… then the next night or later that day when I needed it then it  just stick them in the oven.  It has been nice to have fresh bread with our low-cost meals.  You just don’t realize until you stop and do some figuring how much you spend on bread.

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