Garlic and Cheese Bread


I have made this three times. The first time I tried self rising flour leaving the yeast and all out as that is all I had on hand. Needless to say it didn’t turned out at all. The last two times I used all-purpose flour instead of bread flour. It turned out pretty good. Planning next time to try with bread flour to see how it does.


About jenkin41

Mom of four who homeschools, married to a wonderful man.... was taught by my grandmother and parents the important of making do with what you have and that love is what creates a happy home not the amount of money you do or don't have. I love working and creating with my hands. Hope you enjoy what I make and if there is something that you would like in a different color or size please contact me at
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2 Responses to Garlic and Cheese Bread

  1. trialsinfood says:

    that looks ooey gooey delicious!

    • jenkin41 says:

      I cut mine in slices after it cools. Then I mix my butter and garlic (have to use what have on hand or cheap)and a little honey to a cream…then I spread on each slice. Sprinkle shredded cheese on each slice and put back in oven just long enough to melt the cheese. It does take a long time to make but you can bake your bread the day before and put in a air tight bag and then the next day slice and put butter mix and cheese on it and pop in oven to warm and melt cheese. It still tastes pretty good.

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