Lunch Room Rolls

 Sorry I posted the wrong recipe the other day.  This is the correct one.

I made these last night and they turned out pretty good. I put the left over dough in the refrigerator for tonight. I got to thinking how I hate how long it takes to make fresh bread and how I could mix it up before I need it and just set it in the refrigerator… then the next night or later that day when I needed it then it  just stick them in the oven.  It has been nice to have fresh bread with our low-cost meals.  You just don’t realize until you stop and do some figuring how much you spend on bread.


About jenkin41

Mom of four who homeschools, married to a wonderful man.... was taught by my grandmother and parents the important of making do with what you have and that love is what creates a happy home not the amount of money you do or don't have. I love working and creating with my hands. Hope you enjoy what I make and if there is something that you would like in a different color or size please contact me at
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